NTRO, RAW employees trade power,information for sex

In a major sex racket,which the mainstream media does not cover, the NTRO, RAW employees trade power,information for sex and refuse to provide any information to older single women who do not offer sex bribes
Though they do not invest money in domains, and do not do any computer work, only because the goan call girl raw employees goan bhandari sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar are sleeping with top ntro, raw, cbi employees they are getting all confidential information and also great powers, like stealing the correspondence of other citizens without a legally valid reason to run a lucrative extortion racket
It is a clear case of discrimination, yet indian citizens are powerless since the government is only listening to the ntro, raw employees, refuses to acknowledge that the employees are abusing their powers.
This information has help the goan call girls become extremely powerful and rich.