Theft of retirement savings by government agencies has forced the domain investor to do detective work

Though the mainstream media in india will not carry the news, indian government agencies like ntro,raw, cbi, security agencies are openly involved in theft of retirement savings of some citizens, especially single older professionals from poorer communities , those who are not well connected
It is a very sophisticated theft, after putting the person under surveillance for several months or years.
Identity theft is one of main motivations for the savings theft
Since most detectives are not willing to take up the detective work of tracing the savings,the domain investor is forced to become a detective herself since 2012


Detectives, searching for accurate information

This website is for the ‘lower castes’ complaining that shivalli brahmins are exploiting them, denying them information, knowledge (quoting from shivallibrahmins.com, the shivalli brahmin partners greedy fraud LIAR goan bhandaris led by pritesh chodankar,naik are even worse in CHEATING, EXPLOITING non-goan bhandaris,lower castes) ), the powerless in india
The shivalli brahmins, goa gsb, goan bhandari, gujjus, sindhi are extremely aggressive in denying others all information, and then use this lack of information to exploit, cheat others like the domain investor.
Since some of the most powerful ntro/raw employees in India hate the domain investor, she has been systematically denied all information, her retirement savings stolen without a legally valid reason. Yet there are some ways to search for information which are discussed.