Help required to end correspondence theft in goa by R&AW employee siddhi mandrekar

The correspondence of the goa 1989 jee topper is being diverted and stolen by the greedy goan fraud R&AW employee siddhi mandrekar without a legally valid reason since 2012, who is running an extortion, impersonation racket. Looking for information on how the correspondence of the goa 1989 jee topper is diverted to siddhi mandrekar, and how she runs the impersonation racket. More information on siddhi mandrekar is available online, she has powerful friends and relatives in security and intelligence agencies especially mandrekar, nayak.
Can offer upto Rs 10000 to end the correspondence theft racket in goa, especially panaji. Please contact info@blogposts.in if you can provide details


Looking for a person to do detective work in bengaluru

The domain investor is looking for a person to do some detective work in bengaluru to help trace her retirement savings
– visit tata power special electronics division bengaluru office, to contact guruprasad, from manipal institute of technology, 2000
– visit Domlur, bengaluru office to get details of its director, who may have information on the stolen savings
– visit a bengaluru address where guruprasad may be living with his wife

Willing to pay upto Rs 1000 per person contacted and give information on stolen savings . Ideal for those of are living or working close to the company offices.
Please contact at info@blogposts.in for more details . Requests for information on email have been ignored


Maidservants paid Rs 13000-14000 for spying by detective agencies

One of the advantages of using cheque payment, is that the domain investor is forced to visit the bank, a break from the computer work.
At the bank, all kinds of people approach for information or help, since bank systems are very slow and customers are forced to wait for a long time.
One of the persons who approached the domain investor for help at the bank was a maidservant who was paid Rs13000 by a detective agency, by cheque, probably for spying on the house where she worked.
The maidservant could not fill the payin slip at the bank, so she asked the domain investor for help
So the domain investor, saw that the cheque was issued by a detective agency
This exposes the brutal government slavery in the indian internet sector, despite doing far more work than most people, the domain investor is making very less, because the fraud indian internet companies led by google, tata are falsely claiming that the computer work is done by the google, tata sponsored fraud raw/cbi employees who do not spend any time at all, do not invest money in domains, yet get monthly salaries only for making fak claims.


Sindhi scammer school dropout naina chand was keeping a servant only for spying on her neighbours

Usually it is difficult to find out what is happening in others house, unless the families are very close.
Sindhi scammer school dropout cbi employee naina chand who looks like actress sneha wagh was keeping a servant laxi from bijapur/chimbel only for cleaning the white tiled front porch of the house and paying her Rs 300 or less monthly.
She had another servant for doing the other work inside her house, like sweeping and swabbing the floor, cleaning the utensils
When laxi would come for the cleaning work, naina would ask about all the houses where laxi was working, what was going on in the house, whether the person has guests, and other information.
Since May 2021, Laxi is not coming to work, only the nepali servant is coming to her house


Detective agencies are paying maidservants for spying on the homes they work

Increasingly detective agencies are using maidservants to spy on the homes they work in.
It is usually difficult for a person to enter the house of another person, especially if the person is very high status
However, most high status people have a large house, which is very well maintained.
The home owner or his wife usually does not do all the house work himself or herself, especially cleaning the floor, so the servant can check every room in the house


Don’t bother to talk to her, greedy liar fraud haryana mba hr R&AW employee ruchika kinge told her friend saurabh a

One of the best indications of the fact that fraud haryana scammer mba hr ruchika kinge is a gold digger who should not be trusted is her behavior
The fraud haryana scammer mba hr ruchika kinge will extort money from a person and when the person loses the money, she will refuse to reply
Additionally she will also tell her friends not to bother to reply
For example before the retirement savings of the domain investor were not stolen, ruthless greedy haryana mba hr ruchika and her friend saurabh a were replying to the domain investor very promptly
Yet after the savings were stolen by haryana fraudster ruchika cheater boyfriends puneet, verma, sumeet, ‘ Don’t bother to talk to her’, ruchika told her friend saurabh a when the domain investor tried to talk to saurabh a since robber ruchika refused to reply regarding the stolen savings
yet showing how greedy shameless fraud ruthless ruchika is, greedy haryana fraudster ruchika falsely claims to own the bank account of the single woman engineer, domain investor who she refused to reply, told her friends not to talk to
Google, tata, internet companies should explain why their fraud haryana scammer mba hr ruchika kinge is falsely claiming to own the bank account, domains, including this one, of the single woman domain investor, engineer she refused to talk to


Monitoring domain fraudster raw employee amita patel on quora exposed that akshay g was selling her Rs 6 lakh trading course at the lowest price

Usually the raw/cbi employees like domain fraudster amita patel behave like role models, having flawless lives
However, monitoring their social media account shows their real flaws, weak points
For example amita patel does not have a very secure computer system though she is charging Rs 6 lakh for her stock trading course
The ex-amazon employee akshay g was able to get a copy of her Rs 6 lakh trading course and offer it for sale at the lowest price.
Though akshay’s offer was deleted within 24 hours of posting, since the domain investor is closely monitoring amita patel so she noticed the comments, resale offer, before it was deleted.


shivallibrahmins.com officially confirms that denying knowledge and information is preferred harassment technique of shivalli brahmins

Though shivalli brahmins have been dismissing all the information on the website network as spam, their website shivallibrahmins.com confirms that denying knowledge and information is the preferred harassment technique of shivalli brahmins
They claim that ‘lower castes’ are complaining that they are denied knowledge by the shivalli brahmins, indicating that the domain investor is not the only citizen who is denied information
So before security, intelligence agencies start commenting on the mental health of the domain investor, a private citizen, they should be aware, that a large number of ‘lower castes’ in at least karnataka are complaining that they are denied information, and the shivalli brahmins themselves admit it officially on their official website shivallibrahmins.com


Only the swiggy delivery person took pity on the domain investor, victim of government slavery in goa

In goa,the greedy government employees have been extremely ruthless in CHEATING, EXPLOITING, ROBBING the domain investor, after criminally defaming her, robbing all her information and denying her any information.

So though the domain investor is doing all the computer work, at least 15-20 people are getting credit, government salaries for stealing data and making fake claims, and no one has any pity on her to help her in any way.

It appears that when the greedy goan scammers sunaina, siddhi got the young slim scammer aarohi, a raw job or assignment though aarohi was not doing any computer work, the swiggy person took pity on the domain investor, who is actually doing all the work, and informed the domain investor indirectly that aarohi was falsely claiming credit


parcel sent by detective agency, rajdhani corporate services stolen in panaji, goa

One of the best indications of the terrible business conditions in panaji, goa, is that the correspondence of some citizens is stolen for more than 9 years without a legally valid reason.
For example parcel sent by detective agency, rajdhani corporate services, bengaluru stolen in panaji, goa by the security and intelligence agencies. The domain investor had paid rajdhani corporate services a large amount for investigating the robbery of her savings, yet found that the parcel sent was stolen without a legally valid reason
The goa government claims it wants investors to invest their money, yet those who actually invest find that all their correspondence is systematically stolen isolating them completely.