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attempting to uncover the negative hostile takeover tactics, defamation, talent acquisition tactics used in the indian internet sector by the indian intelligence agencies, allegedly bribed by corporates

The website provides interesting information on western Intelligence agencies, especially MI6, the british external intelligence agency. It provides a glimpse of how MI6 recruited people from top colleges in UK, the career path of those recruited by MI6 and also how some employees and business owners found that their lives and business was destroyed allegedly due to the activities of the intelligence agencies.

However though indian intelligence agencies have far more power compared to other officials and are not accountable like the intelligence agencies in UK, USA, there is very little information available on their activities online and offline. Most of the books which are available are written by ex RAW agents who have a military or IPS (police) background, though online media has indicated that R&AW has their people in almost every sector, like the media, finance, entertainment, medical, politics, academia.

Most civilians in a democracy are least interested in the activities of the intelligence agencies, as they do not interfere in their life. However in India, intelligence agencies are notorious for destroying the life of brilliant engineers and other professionals, who have studied in top colleges based on the feedback from toppers in these colleges, especially those who decide to abroad for studies. Though these officials have no proof against the brilliant professional, who does not get anything in writing, they find their retirement savings stolen without a court order, correspondence diverted and stolen, payment from customers blocked repeatedly.

Since the professional has worked very hard, making great sacrifices to earn and save the money, the engineer has decided that she will do her best to find out why her savings have been stolen, the name, designation of the officials who are keeping the documents, defaming, cheating and exploiting her. The website is an attempt to expose the operation of the indian intelligence agencies, especially in the indian internet sector, as the domain investor and Paypal account holder believes that she has been denied the information and opportunities she deserved.

While the recruitment of intelligence agency officials from security, law enforcement agencies has been documented online and offline (usually sent on deputation), not much information is available on other R&AW recruits. It looks at the recruitment of engineers and other professionals, especially how NTRO, R&AW officials are allowed to steal the resume of their brilliant experienced engineering college classmate for their mediocre lazy greedy inexperienced friends and relatives, to get all these frauds lucrative R&AW jobs at the expense of their classmate who these officials hate.

Most people are not aware of how indian tax payer money is being wasted by indian intelligence agencies to defame without proof, cause great pain, financial losses to small business owners, especially domain investors, Paypal account holders, to ruin their health and finances. Any organization which can help end the daily human rights abuses, wastage of tax payer money, can send an email to

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The greedy good looking GSB cheater riddhi siddhi's powerful fraud friends and relatives specialize in defaming webmasters,domain investors so that the mediocre lazy greed gsb women in goa get great powers for doing nothing at all. Like all frauds these pampered cheater women and their powerful friends and relatives will never justify their lies openly. Any R&AW, CBI, NTRO officials how can help the domain investor to recover the Rs 1.1 lakh looted by R&AW employee nayanshree hathwar will be appreciated

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