Detective required to trace well connected fraud impersonating the domain investor

when the domain investor was young and had less money, she would use only her first name and surname since there was no one impersonating her
It appears that a very powerful greedy politician has got some woman to change her name to that of the domain investor, impersonating the domain investor , engineer to grab her savings, since there is almost no one to help the single woman engineer
So in the last few years, the goa bank accounts have changed the name to include the name of the domain investors father since the impersonator is allegedly faking ownership of the domain investors savings to become rich quickly.
The politician and the impersonator is allegedly from goa or karnataka because the problem is faced mainly in goa, north karnataka
Usually the signature on the bank form is sufficient for making a demand draft or transfer
Now because the impersonator has a powerful politician supporting her in the financial fraud, the banks in karnataka are not accepting non-cheque payment, since they are afraid they will be questioned at a later date, they are only asking for cheques.
Looking for a detective to trace the impersonator, find out the name,address of the impersonator and the name of the politician supporting the impersonator in her fraud, so that legal action can be taken