Powerless people should closely monitor the persons who have cheated, robbed and exploited them online

The state and central government will always ignore all the complaints of powerless citizens, like the domain investor, especially since she has been criminally defamed in the worst manner, has powerful enemies.
The powerless citizens are also denied all information systematically.
So the only way a powerless person can get justice in India, is closely monitor the persons who have cheated, robbed and exploited them online. The online profile will provide a lot of valuable information which is otherwise not easily available.


NTRO, RAW employees trade power,information for sex

In a major sex racket,which the mainstream media does not cover, the NTRO, RAW employees trade power,information for sex and refuse to provide any information to older single women who do not offer sex bribes
Though they do not invest money in domains, and do not do any computer work, only because the goan call girl raw employees goan bhandari sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar are sleeping with top ntro, raw, cbi employees they are getting all confidential information and also great powers, like stealing the correspondence of other citizens without a legally valid reason to run a lucrative extortion racket
It is a clear case of discrimination, yet indian citizens are powerless since the government is only listening to the ntro, raw employees, refuses to acknowledge that the employees are abusing their powers.
This information has help the goan call girls become extremely powerful and rich.


Instagram photos of stolen coin collection shows that checking the instagram account is a better way to trace stolen goods in panaji, goa

In panaji, the police are usually not willing to entertain any complaint of a person who is not well connected.
Now the domain investor has found a new and very effective way of finding the stolen goods, because some of the robbers in panaji are extremely well connected with a large number of their relatives in the police.
While checking the instagram account of a goan bhandari R&AW employee who had threatened her, she found that a photo of the stolen coin collection is posted
So now the domain investor is closely monitoring the instagram account of all the raw employees she knows, hoping to trace the stolen goods


Complaint at consumercomplaintscourt exposed fake rumors of panaji intelligence employees

The greedy goan officials like caro, nayak, mandrekar, pritesh chodankar, naik were falsely claiming that goan bhandari sunaina chodan, who does not have any computer skills, does not have a computer at home, was doing all the computer work, to give her great powers, monthly salary and criminally defaming the real domain investor as idle, lazy, with no skills.
In reality goan bhandari sunaina chodan has no website management, domain related skills, yet google, tata ran a sex racket for 11 years,
Finally the information posted online,Complaint at consumercomplaintscourt by goan bhandari sunaina chodan exposed fake rumors of panaji intelligence employees, how they criminally defamed the real domain investor,
When she was cheated of Rs 356 sunaina demanded that the website should be shutdown, if she was the great expert she would be able to get it shut down herself
So people should be aware that powerful government employees, it, internet companies are liars, should not be trusted . So doing an online search can yield information of a person who hates.


NTRO, raw, cbi employees all refuse to provide information to the domain investor because they HATE her

Though they have got all their girlfriends and associates raw/cbi jobs faking domain ownership, bank account, NTRO, raw, cbi employees all refuse to provide information to the domain investor because they HATE her
the domain investor is asking the ntro, raw, cbi employees to at least provide details of the persons who falsely claim that they paid for the onions domains, so that she can clear her name.
Though they are defaming her since 2010, the LIAR FRAUD ntro, raw, cbi employees refuse to provide any kind of information,and they are also shamelessly MISUSING her name falsely claiming that they are helping her


Monopoly on lucrative intelligence jobs

One of the major problems caused due to the denial of information, is that shivalli brahmins and other upper castes, goan bhandari have a monopoly on all the extremely lucrative and powerful intelligence jobs.
For getting a job, it appears that the person should get a referral from other intelligence officials, so the current intelligence officials have a lot of discretionary powers.
Additionally the intelligence employees are free to give fake references to their girlfriends, bribe givers and those who are well connected, use fake resumes, fake skills, fake bank accounts and the indian government will blindly believe in the lies of the intelligence employees, to waste taxpayer money, paying monthly salaries to frauds with fake resumes.


Another internet company warned the domain investor about the risk

Though everyone will claim that they are well wishers, only the real well-wishers will share information or at least warn people
For example in 2010, the domain investor was doing a lot of business with d*
However, the staff of another internet company told her that ‘strange things are happening to the customers of d*’
the staff was probably warning the domain investor,
Later after multiple incidents, the domain investor was forced to take the decision of moving her domains out. The negative review on rediff was also indication that some customers were not happy with the way they were treated


Mumbai internet company refused to provide any information to the domain investor

One of the reasons the domain investor is using a foreign company for domains, is because the mumbai internet company refused to provide any kind of information to the domain investor.
The company had close links with raw, secret services and they were overconfident that they could steal her identity, because she was very simple
The domain investor has reason to believe that some officials associated with the company were involved in the identity theft racket on her,
So though the government talks of make in india, the domain investor was forced to move out due to betrayal policy


Denied information for mental torture purposes

Though the domain investor owning this website is paying a large amount annually for domain renewals, the powerful ntro/raw employees have systematically denied her all information to harass and mentally torture her, though she has asked them repeatedly.
These fraud ntro/raw employees are duping people, companies and countries that they are helping her, doing everything for her, when in reality they refuse to reply to her, and do everything they can to cause losses.
They also ensure that no one else will share any kind of information with her.
This information leads to incorrect decisions and losses.


Theft of retirement savings by government agencies has forced the domain investor to do detective work

Though the mainstream media in india will not carry the news, indian government agencies like ntro,raw, cbi, security agencies are openly involved in theft of retirement savings of some citizens, especially single older professionals from poorer communities , those who are not well connected
It is a very sophisticated theft, after putting the person under surveillance for several months or years.
Identity theft is one of main motivations for the savings theft
Since most detectives are not willing to take up the detective work of tracing the savings,the domain investor is forced to become a detective herself since 2012