social media remains the most effective and inexpensive way to track cheater government employees

One of the best ways to deal with false rumors and slander is to make sure that those who cheat, exploit, harass know that they will be tracked for the rest of their lives and their details will be posted online, read by people worldwide. Initially the domain investor kept quiet, now she is using social media to track all those who cheated, exploited and robbed her since 2010.
So though the domain investor is not in goa and not in contact with the scammer government employees, she is aware that domain fraudster goan bhandari raw employee scammer sunaina chodan got married to her photographer boyfriend, which companies gurugram haryana raw employee fraud mba hr ruchita kinge worked, and where the sindhi scammer brothers nikhil and karan premchandani are working, living now
Though the names are changed, people are more careful while cheating the domain investor, since they know that their news will be published on a large number of websites, after tracking them on social media