Mysterious Money order sent from Bodakev, Ahmedabad without any prior discussion or contact

Money order sent from Bodakev, Ahmedabad to frame domain investor
The domain investor has not contacted anyone in Ahmedabad for the last 15 years, yet in an attempt to frame her someone from Bodakev, Ahmedabad sent a money order to her, the postman left an intimation .
The sender has never contacted her, or sent any message, yet the domain investor is aware that if she will receive the cash, the sender may demand anything or may file a court case
So the domain investor is not planning to take the cash, it will go back to the recipient. It is not worth taking the risk for a very small amount of money.
This exposes how framing the domain investor is a very lucrative racket, people are sending money orders without contacting her, only to frame, criminally defame her and extort money, steal her resume.
This is another of the long list of unsolved mysteries which the domain investor has to solve, no one contacts her directly