Only the swiggy delivery person took pity on the domain investor, victim of government slavery in goa

In goa,the greedy government employees have been extremely ruthless in CHEATING, EXPLOITING, ROBBING the domain investor, after criminally defaming her, robbing all her information and denying her any information.

So though the domain investor is doing all the computer work, at least 15-20 people are getting credit, government salaries for stealing data and making fake claims, and no one has any pity on her to help her in any way.

It appears that when the greedy goan scammers sunaina, siddhi got the young slim scammer aarohi, a raw job or assignment though aarohi was not doing any computer work, the swiggy person took pity on the domain investor, who is actually doing all the work, and informed the domain investor indirectly that aarohi was falsely claiming credit